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WWE Smackdown Recap (10th October 2017)

The Usos are out to tell something to the New Day. They say that they went to war on Sunday and they are the only teams on Smackdown that ain't shit. Every time they face off they steal the show but the fans don't see what happens after. They don't see them drive to hotels injured, or the worried phone calls from family members. The Hype Bros turn up to ruin the moment. They are annoyed that the same teams keep getting opportunities, completely overlooking the fact that they lose every match. Gable & Benjamin then turn up, and they actually have a claim to the title shot. Fashion Police and the Ascension complete the party. The Usos say that they need to realise where they are, this is the Uso Penitentiary. Gable & Benjamin, on lock. Ascension, on lock. Hype Bros, on lock. New Day say that the Breezango are cool, the Usos agree, they like Fashion Files too. Daniel Bryan turns up and says that this isn't the day for this. He tells New Day and Usos to get out of …
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WWE Raw Recap (9th October 2017)

We kick off the show with the Miz presenting the Mizzies. I don't know how often they are presented but it seems sporadic. Curtis Axel wins an award and dedicates it to Bo Dallas, who is not here because he is recovering. Sheamus & Cesaro win best supporting actor awards. Miz gives himself an award for being the true big dog of the WWE and dedicates it to his unborn child. Reigns makes his way out. Miz says that he won't come to the ring because it's 4 against 1. He says that the rumours of the Shield reuniting are all hype. Reigns says that they aren't rumours and he is joined by Ambrose and Rollins. They make their way to the ring and clear house. They all hit their individual finishers, then hit the triple powerbomb on Miz. We then get the Shield fist bump. Really strong way to open the show. Miz was great, the Bar were great, and the Shield were great.

Jason Jordan vs Karl Anderson - This was a solid match, nothing more than that. Jordan picked up the win that h…

WWE Hell In A Cell Review

Welcome to the 2017 Hell In A Cell review. We have two cell matches in addition to the next chapter of Jinder Mahal's WWE Title reign.

Kickoff: Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable vs Hype BrosThis is Benjamin's first PPV since 2010. Or it would be if it was on the PPV. They started with some back and forth action before they are rudely interrupted by an advert. Owens is apparently fighting Shane tonight, who knew? 
Back from the adverts, it is exactly the same as it was before that. Zack Ryder goes for the hot tag, even though he was the one in control. They pick up the pace with some slightly sloppy but pretty entertaining wrestling. 
As was to be expected it was miscommunication that cost Hype Bros the match. It was a good match, nothing mind blowing but a fun watch. ***
Smackdown Tag Titles, Hell In A Cell Match - New Day vs UsosWell we are starting off strong. This is the match that I'm most looking forward to on the entire show. New Day enter first and cuts a promo saying t…

WWE Smackdown Recap (3rd October 2017)

Renee Young is in the ring and introduces Shinsuke Nakamura. He says that he doesn't let Jinder's insults get to him and that he will have the last laugh when he takes the title on Sunday. The Singh Brothers come out to introduce Jinder but he sneaks up from behind for the cheap shot. Nakamura fights back but the numbers game is too much and Jinder leaves Nakamura laying with the Khallas. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary but it was much better than having to sit through another week of Jinder's comedy act.

Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch vs Natalya & Carmella - This was alright but it never really got above second gear. Natalya made Charlotte tap out to the Sharpshooter. I'm not sure why the challenger is tapping out days before a title match but there you go.

There is a Shane vs Owens video package.

Bobby Roode vs Mike Kanellis - These two had a match 5 weeks ago. I think it was the last match Roode had on Smackdown. Roode won that one in about 6 minutes,…

WWE Raw Recap (2nd October 2017)

The show starts with a moment of silence for the victims of the Las Vegas shootings. 

Braun Strowman vs Seth Rollins - It's always nice to start with a match, and it's even nicer when it's pretty good. Rollins used his speed to avoid getting murdered by Braun but he is just delaying the inevitable. Braun wins with the massive powerslam. 

After the match Braun hits another powerslam and Ambrose makes the save. Well, I say save but what actually happened was that he also got murdered. 

Cesaro (who has an amazing new shirt) and Sheamus come down and mop up the mess. 

Mickie James is backstage and Emma makes fun of her age and says that she has a secret admirer. She has been given a box of adult diapers. Hahaha, fuck off. This is 1970s, man in a dress levels of comedy. James tries to find Alexa Bliss but Nia Jax is apparently protecting her again. Okay. James will have a match with Jax.

Bray Wyatt sits in a chair and rambles nonsensically. He says Sister Abigail wouldn't lie to…

WWE Smackdown Recap (26th September 2017)

Kevin Owens starts off the show. He says he has been called a coward for what he did but he is here now. He says that he respects and likes Vince McMahon so imagine what he'll do to someone he doesn't like or respect. Sami Zayn turns up to tell Owens that he has snapped and he needs to sort himself out before it affects his life. Owens says that Sami isn't here to talk sense into him, he is just jealous of everything he has accomplished. Sami calls Owens a big piece of trash. Daniel Bryan comes out and says that Shane isn't here but there will be a match between Owens and Zayn tonight. Good opening segment. Owens is just a fantastic heel.

Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger - This was an average match. It continued the story surrounding the US Title but it wasn't very good from an in ring standpoint. Corbin won by countout. Corbin claims that Styles & Dillinger are in cahoots and says that Styles can't beat him one on one. He challenges Styles to a match at Hell I…

WWE Raw Recap (25th September 2017)

As we found out at at No Mercy Miz TV opens the show. Miz runs down Jason Jordan before he introduces Roman Reigns. Miz bigs up Reigns retiring Undertaker and beating Cena. Reigns says that he is proud of beating Cena and has been out partying, so he wants to know why he is talking to an idiot like the Miz. Miz says that he is the guy because he is the IC champion. Reigns wants the Miztourage to get him a beer. Miz says that Reigns rode the coattails of the Shield and that Miztourage is better than the Shield. Reigns is amused by that statement. Miz calls Reigns a choker, Reigns wants to fight. Miz says that he is wearing a suit so he's not dressed to fight. Angle shows up and books a tag match. This was a solid way to open the show. Cocky Reigns is the best Reigns.

Matt Hardy & Jason Jordan vs Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel - Jeff Hardy is out because of his shoulder injury. A solid opening match but nothing out of the ordinary. The faces win when Matt pins Dallas following a Twi…