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Best Matches of November 2017

The year is coming to an end and we are approaching the time of year where big matches become more and more sparse. This list isn't as stacked as some others but there are still some great matches here.

Honourable MentionsTravis Banks vs Keith Lee (PROGRESS Title) - PROGRESS Chapter 56: La Danse Macabre ****

Travis Banks vs 'Bad Bones' John Klinger (WxW Unified Title) - WxW Fight Forever London ****

CIMA & Dragon Kid vs Ben-K & Big R Shimizu (Open the Twin Gate Titles) - Dragon Gate Gate of Destiny ****

15. Pete Dunne vs Johnny Gargano (WWE UK Title) - NXT 29th November This is pretty much as good as you can hope for from a 9 minute match. I would absolutely love to see these two get 20 minutes to show what they can do. Two of the best wrestlers around today. ****
14. Masaaki Mochizuki vs Susumu Yokosuka (Open the Dream Gate Title) - Dragon Gate Gate of DestinyMochizuki is having a career year at the age of 47 and this was another great match for his resume. Yokosuka …
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WWE Raw Recap - December 4th 2017

(image credit WWE)
We start with a recap of Roman Reigns last week, presumably hyping up Reigns vs Samoa Joe tonight. Nothing spectacular.

Kurt Angle starts the show proper. YOU SUCK. Angle is out to announce who Reigns faces tonight. I wonder who. Angle tells us we have The Bar vs Seth & Dean, plus Reigns vs... Wait a minute, Jason Jordan is interrupting his dad. Jordan is getting booed out of the building whenever he talks, then pulls the "dad" card. Out comes Roman, who is cheered loudly, presumably because he's about to murder Jordan. Cole botches and calls Reigns the United States champ. Reigns literally just tells Angle he isn't fighting Jordan, then tells Jordan to stop running to his dad and step up. Jordan calls Reigns out, saying that he's everything WWE management wants; a sick burn, coming from anyone who isn't Jason Jordan. In Jordan's hands, it somehow still sounds whiny. Samoa Joe comes out to a huge pop. Joe is irritated an…

This Week In WWE

Due to having a lot of university work on my plate recently I have been unable to get weekly reviews out for WWE TV. Leah is taking the slack where she can but I thought I'd introduce a new article where I take a quick look at what happened during the week on WWE TV.

This week's Raw was uncharacteristically good, with good matches and sensible booking throughout. In terms of in ring action, the opener between Reigns and Jordan was a great effort that went around 20 minutes with Jordan looking every bit the in ring star. That isn't his problem though. It's his shit gimmick.

There was a nice touch after Jordan had called out, and been choked out by, Samoa Joe, where he gave Angle a look that said 'Try it motherfucker!'.

Absolution continued their path of destruction and have now taken out everyone with the exception of Nia Jax and Asuka, which is sensible. Paige and Sasha Banks put on a really good match too.

Elias called out Kurt for his nepotism and got rewarded wi…

WWE Raw Recap - 27th November

(image credit WWE)
The broadcast starts with a vignette of Kane trash talking Braun Strowman. Oh good, I guess we're getting more of this ridiculously boring feud. Great.
The actual show starts with our new Intercontinental Champion, Roman Reigns. Cole says he's "proudly carrying" the IC belt. He's actually carrying it like he couldn't give less of a damn about it if he tried. The commentary team put over Reigns as a Grand Slam champion, completely refusing to acknowledge that Dean Ambrose beat him to a Grand Slam comfortably. A section of the crowd (who absolutely weren't planted, were they Vince?) chant "you deserve it" at Roman as he rambles about being Intercontinental Champion. He rants a bit about how he's a fighting champion and says if anyone wants his Championship, then step up and take it. This brings out the Miztourage, and Bo Dallas isn't a happy boy. I demand Bo becomes Intercontinental Champion at once. Bo doesn't chall…

WWE 205 Live Recap 21/11/2017

(image credited to WWE)

The show starts with Zo Train backstage segment. I hate typing "Zo Train" so much I might die.  Anyway Enzo Amore is lording it up over his cronies, smacking Noam Dar's hand away from a Thanksgiving platter and wearing the Cruiserweight Championship around his waist backstage for reasons unknown. That cannot be comfortable. Enzo tells his pals that he got them all matches tonight, and if they impress then he'll give them a shot at his title. I do not care. The Gobbledygooker turns up(?????) only to be revealed as Drew Gulak taking the piss. "The Gobbledygulaker", he calls himself, getting a slight smirk off me if nothing else. End segment. At least Enzo appears to be moving on from Kalisto, and if this doesn't end with Noam Dar getting a title shot I'm not gonna be happy.


Drew Gulak vs Akira Tozawa

The actual show starts with Tozawa interrupting Gulak, as Gulak tries to start his PowerPoint Presentation. Rude. This match …

WWE Smackdown Recap (21st November 2017)

We start the show with Shane McMahon, and he looks awfully chipper for a man who lost at the weekend. He says that however Stephanie tries to spin it, they aren't the B show. They lost at Survivor Series and Shane was their last man so I respectfully disagree. Also, they lost a war that they started. He calls out Owens and Zayn. They mock Shane for losing and say that they could beat anyone on any given day. They would have won the elimination match and they would have beaten Lesnar. Owens wants an apology from Shane but one isn't forthcoming. Shane says that they no respect for anyone in the locker room. Zayn agrees with that assessment. Shane goes to fire them but Bryan comes out and says that since everyone hates them there will be a lumberjack match in the main event pitting them against New Day. It was a solid enough opening segment but Shane's character is all over the place. He comes across as somewhat delusional and I don't think that is what they are aiming fo…

WWE Raw Recap (20th November 2017)

We start off the show with Stephanie McMahon. Great. She gloats a bit about Raw winning at Survivor Series and she brings out Triple H. Angle interrupts and tells Triple H that if he attacks him from behind again he will fuck him up. Jason Jordan is out and he wants a piece of Hunter. Gotta appreciate his fire. Steph says that he would be an idiot to want that match as Hunter would kill him. Hunter isn't scared of anyone. BRAAAAAAAAAAAAUN! Hunter slowly backs his way out of the ring to save his own life. The crowd calls him a coward so Steph books a match between Braun and Jordan. The segment was fine but if they start opening every Raw with the Authority again it is going to be very hard to watch.

Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor - This was a good match. Joe won clean with the Coquina Clutch. I can only assume that this feud will continue. That or they are starting to cool on Balor. 

Jason Jordan claims that he is injured. He insists that he can beat Braun though. Denial is a powerful thing…