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WWE 205 Live Recap 21/11/2017

(image credited to WWE)

The show starts with Zo Train backstage segment. I hate typing "Zo Train" so much I might die.  Anyway Enzo Amore is lording it up over his cronies, smacking Noam Dar's hand away from a Thanksgiving platter and wearing the Cruiserweight Championship around his waist backstage for reasons unknown. That cannot be comfortable. Enzo tells his pals that he got them all matches tonight, and if they impress then he'll give them a shot at his title. I do not care. The Gobbledygooker turns up(?????) only to be revealed as Drew Gulak taking the piss. "The Gobbledygulaker", he calls himself, getting a slight smirk off me if nothing else. End segment. At least Enzo appears to be moving on from Kalisto, and if this doesn't end with Noam Dar getting a title shot I'm not gonna be happy.


Drew Gulak vs Akira Tozawa

The actual show starts with Tozawa interrupting Gulak, as Gulak tries to start his PowerPoint Presentation. Rude. This match …
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WWE Smackdown Recap (21st November 2017)

We start the show with Shane McMahon, and he looks awfully chipper for a man who lost at the weekend. He says that however Stephanie tries to spin it, they aren't the B show. They lost at Survivor Series and Shane was their last man so I respectfully disagree. Also, they lost a war that they started. He calls out Owens and Zayn. They mock Shane for losing and say that they could beat anyone on any given day. They would have won the elimination match and they would have beaten Lesnar. Owens wants an apology from Shane but one isn't forthcoming. Shane says that they no respect for anyone in the locker room. Zayn agrees with that assessment. Shane goes to fire them but Bryan comes out and says that since everyone hates them there will be a lumberjack match in the main event pitting them against New Day. It was a solid enough opening segment but Shane's character is all over the place. He comes across as somewhat delusional and I don't think that is what they are aiming fo…

WWE Raw Recap (20th November 2017)

We start off the show with Stephanie McMahon. Great. She gloats a bit about Raw winning at Survivor Series and she brings out Triple H. Angle interrupts and tells Triple H that if he attacks him from behind again he will fuck him up. Jason Jordan is out and he wants a piece of Hunter. Gotta appreciate his fire. Steph says that he would be an idiot to want that match as Hunter would kill him. Hunter isn't scared of anyone. BRAAAAAAAAAAAAUN! Hunter slowly backs his way out of the ring to save his own life. The crowd calls him a coward so Steph books a match between Braun and Jordan. The segment was fine but if they start opening every Raw with the Authority again it is going to be very hard to watch.

Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor - This was a good match. Joe won clean with the Coquina Clutch. I can only assume that this feud will continue. That or they are starting to cool on Balor. 

Jason Jordan claims that he is injured. He insists that he can beat Braun though. Denial is a powerful thing…

WWE Survivor Series 2017 Review

This show has a lot to live up to today after the great NXT show last night. There are some great looking matches on paper so I hope they perform.

Kickoff: Matt Hardy vs EliasThis match was pretty much exactly what you would get on Raw. I would elaborate more but much like the 15 people in attendance I don't really care that much. Elias won with the Drift Away, as he should. **
Kickoff: Cruiserweight Title - Enzo Amore vs KalistoThis starts off in fine form with Kalisto fucking up his entrance. Enzo then talks nonsense. Something about beef stew and chickens. Kalisto takes the advantage early on, hitting a slingshot Code Red. Then we go to adverts.
Back from the break Enzo is in charge. He hangs Kalisto in the tree of woe and gets some licks in. Enzo grounds Kalisto with a side headlock, like a boss. He tries to hang him in another tree of woe but Kalisto escapes. 
Kalisto fights back but in the end Enzo picks up the win after running Kalisto into the turnbuckle and hitting the Sole…

NXT Takeover: WarGames Review

Here we go with another Takeover. I am expecting this to deliver, just like usual. The WarGames match is slightly different to that used in WCW/NWA as it has no roof, but I have no problem with that.

Kassius Ohno vs Lars SullivanHoss fight. Sullivan starts off on the front foot, shaking off everything that Ohno can throw at him. Ohno does manage to mount some offense though, hitting a succession of stiff elbows to ground Sullivan. He then stomps his head repeatedly as he is grounded. Sullivan is just getting pissed off though. He gets up hits the Freak Accident for the win. 
This was short and it was stiff. As far as 5 minute matches go, this was very good. I enjoy seeing big bastards throw down. ***
Aleister Black vs Velveteen DreamDream has the airbrushed Rick Rude style tights for this. Black starts off by isolating the arm of Dream and schooling him on the mat. Dream tries to play mind games with Black, doing the Rick Rude hip thrust and mirroring Black's cross legged sitting s…

WWE Smackdown Recap (14th November 2017)

The show starts with Shane pumping up the Smackdown locker room. He says that Raw may well retaliate tonight. After Sunday they will go from the B shoe to THE show. Everyone says that aren't afraid of their Raw opponents.

We get get a recap of Daniel Bryan getting attacked in the dark by Kane a few weeks ago on Raw. 

Bryan is out and he says that Smackdown has more heart than Raw. Raw is scared and that's why they added HHH to their Survivor Series team. He then brings out AJ Styles. Bryan says that Styles deserves an advocate of his own and starts a promo in a Paul Heyman style. He says that Lesnar has a tendency to quit, he quit WWE and he quit to a half-assed kneebar on a UFC show. He says that Lesnar can only last 10 minutes, after that he will start to quit. You should watch Survivor Series because you will see Lesnar mentally beaten, mentally victimised and mentally conquered. Styles takes the mic and says that, unlike Brock, he isn't a puppet and can talk. He will bea…

WWE Raw Recap (13th November 2017)

I didn't manage to get my recaps done last week as I had university work that I left to the last minute but I'm back on schedule now.

Stephanie McMahon is out to start the show. She says that she makes business decisions that us puny normal people wouldn't understand. Angle is out and Steph runs him down, as she does with everyone. Steph is not happy about Jason Jordan being the fifth member of Team Raw. Who is? Steph claims nepotism. She says that the fifth member of Team Smackdown is John Cena, so why didn't Angle pick him? Would he rather have Jason Jordan. Angle says that at Survivor Series he will break Shane's ankle. Steph wants his head. She is unimpressed with Angle and is about to fire him when the Shield turn up. It's amazing how much different the reaction is to Reigns when he's in the Shield. Ambrose says that Angle proved his worth at TLC. Steph says that the Shield don't seem to have their tag titles, which is Angle's fault. Steph asks …