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WWE Smackdown Recap (29th August 2017)

We kick the show off with the Singh Brothers introducing Jinder Mahal. Jinder cuts a promo that is pretty similar to any other promo he cuts, America treats me badly because I'm Asian etc. The crowd gives him the USA chants. The only real difference is at the end where the Singh Brothers start crying and apologising to Jinder for failing against Nakamura last week. They then beg to kiss Jinder's feet. It was weird. Nakamura broke up the foot fetish party and goes after the Singhs. The numbers game gets the better of him bringing out Orton. That in turn brings out Rusev and the heels stand tall. It wasn't exactly the best opening segment.

Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable vs The Ascension - Pretty good match for what is was. Shelton looked here. They could be a good team if they are kept together for long enough. Team Alpha won with Shelton picking up the win. 

Baron Corbin said that the only reason he failed in his MITB cash-in was because of Cena, who has ran away to Raw. H…

WWE Raw Recap (28th August 2017)

Booker T can't make it due to the disaster type situations in Texas so Jerry Lawler is replacing him. Joy. I would rather it was nobody.

The Miz turns up to say that he is sick of being disrespected. Guess what, he makes good points, Angle comes out and says that the IC Title will defended at No Mercy but first there will be a Battle Royal with the winner getting a shot at Miz next week. 

IC Title Number 1 Contendership Battle Royal - It was a Battle Royal, much like any other. The only notable moments were Wyatt transmogrifying into existence to eliminate Balor, so that is continuing, and Jeff Hardy winning. 

Alexa says that she will win tonight because Sasha is incapable of successfully defending a title.

Enzo Amore vs Noam Dar - Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. The cruiserweights are dead, lads. Total garbage.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are here, which is a massive improvement from watching Enzo vs Dar. Heyman sings the praises of Braun Strowman, saying that he is the …

WWE Mae Young Classic Episode 4 Review

This is the last time for a week that you will have to put up with my bracketing skills.

This show features 3 of my favourite wrestlers in this tournament - Kairi Sane, Nicole Savoy and Candice LeRae.

Round 1 - Renee Michelle vs Candice LeRaeI know next to nothing about Michelle but I have been a fan of LeRae for a number of years. She has had some wild matches in PWG as a singles competitor and as part of a tag team with Joey Ryan. This was a solid match, it did what it needed to, establish LeRae going forward. The crowd was fully behind her here and she won, which was absolutely the right call. **1/2

Round 1 - Taynara Conti vs Lacey EvansThis is one of the matches that features two women who have very little experience, about a year for Evans and just 10 matches for Conti. Considering this lack of experience they did pretty well. The transitions between moves were a bit ropey but the moves themselves looked good and believable. I was honestly expecting this to be worse. Evans won with …

WWE Mae Young Classic Episode 3 Review

Once again I have used my unparalleled design skills to bring you the updated bracket. Here it is:

It's weird how they have done most of the left side of the draw but 2 random matches on the other. Oh well, on to tonight.

Round 1 - Ayesha Raymond vs Toni StormDespite the fact that she is English, I don't know a great deal about Raymond. I do know a lot about Toni Storm though. She wrestles extensively in Stardom and PROGRESS, which is possibly my favourite promotion. This was run of the mill by Storm's standards but I don't put that on her. Raymond didn't really impress here. She wasn't particularly bad but it was clear that Storm was the, and is, the star here. **1/2
Round 1 - Dakota Kai vs Kavita DeviDakota Kai previously wrestled as Evie in Shimmer, among other places. Devi was trained by the Great Khali and it really shows. She wrestles like him too. That might be a bit harsh but she does have about 3 moves. The match consisted of Devi taking control with her …

WWE Mae Young Classic Episode 2 Review

Here is the updated bracket following episode 1. I apologise for the poor quality of graphic design on offer here.

On to tonight's action.

Round 1 - Mercedes Martinez vs Xia LiThis is another example of an untested commodity being paired with an experienced wrestler. Martinez is a 17 year veteran so it's a wise move. Xia gets to show what she has got before Martinez has had enough and picks up the win, which is absolutely the right move. Short and to the point, Martinez looked good. **

Round 1 - Marti Belle vs Rachel EversThis was bad. Really bad. Belle has a good look but her wrestling skills are nowhere near the standard that should be expected and Evers didn't do herself any favours either. It was slow and it was sloppy. Evers won a 7 minute match that felt like it went twice that. This will probably be the worst match of the tournament. DUD

Round 1 - Rhea Ripley vs Miranda SalinasThis was a showcase for Ripley. The WWE clearly see big things in her future and she came off …

WWE Mae Young Classic Episode 1 Review

After what feels like an eternity the Mae Young Classic is finally here. I have been a fan of the other Network-exclusive tournaments that the WWE has put on and I am thoroughly looking forward to this one as there are some wrestlers that I really like competing. Much like the Cruiserweight Classic I expect some of the first round matches to be a little underwhelming due to the experience difference but as the tournament progresses the standard will increase.

What immediately stands out is that Kairi Sane, Toni Storm and Shayna Baszler are all in different quadrants of the draw. The most competitive on paper is the upper left quadrant with Gabert, Martinez and Laith all in with a shot, though one of those goes home tonight.

Round 1 - Kay Lee Ray vs Princesa SugehitPretty good way to start off the tournament. I have seen Kay Lee Ray wrestle on numerous occasions and she has improved a lot over the years and is now a very good wrestler. I don't know a great deal about Princesa Sugehit…

WWE Smackdown Recap (22nd August 2017)

AJ Styles is out to start off the show. He says that he is bringing back the US Title Open Challenge. Kevin Owens makes his way out but Styles says he already beat him at Summerslam. Owens is pissed about it due to Shane's inability to ref properly. Shane comes out to say that he called it down the middle but Owens says that he doesn't have a clue what he is doing. He's kind of right. Styles is sick of listening to this argument and says that Owens can have another title shot. Owens wants to pick the ref and AJ is fine with that. Shane adds the stipulation that if Owens loses he can't challenge for the title for as long as Styles is champion. It was a decent segment but I assume Shane is supposed to come across as a face but he comes across more as inept or like he is actively screwing over Owens. 

Daniel Bryan is on the phone, claiming he has surprises for tonight. Mahal and the Singhs arrive and Bryan informs them that it will be Nakamura vs both of the Singh brothers…

WWE Raw Recap (21st August 2017)

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are out to gloat about Brock's win at Summerslam. Heyman says that he spoiled the main event weeks ago. There was a conspiracy but Brock doesn't care about conspiracies. He is the most dominant person in the history of WWE or UFC. But here comes BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN! He destroys Lesnar with ease, hitting two running powerslams and holding up the Universal Title. Nice start, I'm up for that match.

Big Cass vs Enzo Amore (Street Fight) - Enzo cuts his usual promo before the match. This wasn't a good match and it ended in unfortunate circumstances for Cass as he injured his knee after going over the top rope. He looked pissed too as this may derail his push. 

Emma runs down Nia Jax backstage and says she will beat her tonight. Nia is behind her, a murder is coming.

Nia Jax vs Emma - Murder accomplished. 

Elias is here to sing everyone a new song. He runs down New York and R-Truth before being interrupted by said idiot. Elias is pre…

WWE Summerslam 2017 Review

This review is up later than usual because I originally watched the show at a bar with friends, which isn't the most reliable atmosphere for reviewing purposes, so I watched the show again clear headed. 12 hours of total Summerslam viewing, I must be mad.

Kickoff: The Miz & The Miztourage vs Jason Jordan & The Hardy BoyzWell this match started about 25 minutes into the kickoff show and there were essentially no fans in the arena as they were still queuing to get in. Nothing of note happened here and I can't blame the wrestlers, especially veterans like Miz and the Hardys, for going through the motions. **

Kickoff: Cruiserweight Title - Akira Tozawa vs NevilleNeville has some fetching new white gear. I don't really understand what they were hoping to accomplish here. If they were going to put the title straight back on Neville then they might as well have not had him lose it in the first place. Tozawa gained nothing from the reign and Neville's 8 month run came to…

NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III Review

Takeover: Brooklyn is kind of like WrestleMania for NXT in that it is their only show that takes place every year. It has historically (well, twice) been a good show and I expect the same here. 

Johnny Gargano vs Andrade 'Cien' AlmasWhat a way to kick off the show this was. Almas sometimes goes underappreciated when people think of the best that NXT has to offer but he shouldn't because he is incredible. Johnny Gargano is pretty fucking good too. They start off with some quality chain wrestling with Gargano taking control, to loud 'Johnny Wrestling' chants. From there the match just keeps going through the gears, getting better and better. This is two excellent wrestlers at the top of their game. The finishing stretch is also brilliant as the crowd buy in to every near fall and it makes this feel special. Gargano fights through everything Almas has to offer and has him on the ropes only for Zelina Vega to distract him by throwing a DIY shirt at him, allowing Almas t…

WWE Raw & Smackdown Recap (14th & 15th August 2017)

Due to work I was unable to watch and therefore review Raw yesterday so I will be doing both Raw and Smackdown today, Supershow style.

We start the show with Dean Ambrose. He wants to address the Rollins situation. Rollins comes out. Ambrose says Rollins is playing games. Rollins says Ambrose is the one playing games and is lying to himself. Rollins says that they can run the place if they reunite. Rollins looks for the fist bump, Ambrose refuses. Rollins tells him that they can do anything together and so Ambrose offers the fist bump, Rollins refuses. This causes them to have a bit of a scuffle. Sheamus & Cesaro arrive and they attack Rollins but Ambrose makes the save. They fight off the tag champs and the crowd finally gets the fisting they have been waiting for. I know how that sounds and I'm sticking with it. Good opening segment, if a touch melodramatic at times . The crowd was hot for it too. 

Commentary gives an update on the health of Ric Flair, Get well soon Naitch.