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NJPW G1 Climax 27 Night 18 Review

The final night of Block B is upon us and it has the match that everyone was looking forward to, Okada vs Omega III. 

Block B Match - Michael Elgin vs Juice Robinson

This was a really good way to kick off the evening's tournament festivities. Juice picked up the win after seeing off Elgin's power moves. Following the match he said he was going to 'drink some Sapporo and go balls deep in some beautiful Japanese women'. I'm smiling inside thinking about how Vince would react if someone said that. ***1/2

Block B Match - Tama Tonga vs SANADA

Solid match but one that never really drew me in. This was at least partially due to the fact that Tama fails to enthrall me as a singles wrestler. He won here with the gun stun. ***

Block B Match - Toru Yano vs Minoru Suzuki

Suzuki tried to murder Yano, as he does with everyone, but Yano manages to wrap him up with tape and hit the low blow roll up on him for the win. That was that. *1/2

Block B Match - Satoshi Kojima vs EVIL

This was a fun match. EVIL has been really good in this tournament and my opinion of him has greatly improved. He won here to cement his place as third in the Block. Kojima has been overshadowed by Nagata somewhat but his contribution to this tournament shouldn't be overlooked. ***1/2

Block B Match - Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega

So, this is the only relevant match on the show and, probably, the most anticipated match of the tournament. Could they live up to the expectations put on them due to the quality of their previous matches? Yeah, no worries. They manage to put on another classic but one that is different to either of their other matches. With this match having the 30 minute time limit they don't waste any time feeling their way in to this, it's go from minute one. Okada has taken an ungodly amount of punishment this year and it is beginning to take it's toll. He lost and drew his last two matches heading in and is nursing a neck injury, and Omega zeroes in on it from the start. He is brutal too, hitting a reverse rana on the floor followed by a dragon suplex on the apron. He then proceeds to chop Okada in the back of the neck, which was a nice touch. Okada refuses to give up and fights back, even managing to hit a couple of Rainmakers, but he is unable to take advantage of the situation. In the end the wear and tear proves too much for him and Omega hits the One Winged Angel to finally beat Okada and advance to the final. Nothing I write can really do this justice, you need to watch it. This is the pinnacle of wrestling. *****

Final Standings

Kenny Omega: 7-2 - 14 points (Block B Winner)
Kazuchika Okada: 6-2-1 - 13 points
EVIL: 6-3 - 12 points
Minoru Suzuki: 4-4-1 - 9 points
Tama Tonga: 4-5 - 8 points
SANADA: 4-5 - 8 points
Juice Robinson: 4-5 - 8 points
Toru Yano: 4-5 - 8 points
Michael Elgin: 4-5 - 8 points
Satoshi Kojima: 1-8 - 2 points

Overall Grade - A-

This grade is based almost entirely on the main event, it's a masterpiece. There are some things to enjoy on the rest of the show though.


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