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WWE Smackdown Recap (8th August 2017)

John Cena starts off the show. He gives Nakamura his props for beating him last week. He says that he doesn't lose clean very often but when he does he respects the person that beats him. Baron Corbin and his new music, which I haven't made my mind up on, interrupted. He tells Cena that he should respect him. Cena isn't really convinced that he should. Corbin says Cena isn't worth his time. Daniel Bryan then turns up and books Corbin vs Cena for Summerslam. This was a decent start to the show. It did it's job well enough.

The Usos vs Sami Zayn & Tye Dillinger - This was a good tag match. I'm all for the team of Zayn & Dillinger as they have nothing better to do with them. They would be a worthwhile addition to the tag division. The Usos won ahead of their title rematch at Summerslam.

Following the match New Day got the jump on the Usos but they managed to escape.

Renee Young interviews Randy Orton. He says that Rusev was in the wrong place at the wrong time and that Jinder won't be able to escape tonight.

Fashion Peaks! There is some more good David Lynch-esque stuff on the bulletin board, including BobHolly Drive and Wild Samoan At Heart. Breeze is telling the Ascension about the dream he had last week. The Ascension only came for the free pie. Fandango appears behind Breeze and says that aliens took him. Breeze asks him why he didn't leave and Fandango says anal probes before changing his answer to wardrobes. He says that he has been given the power to see into the future and that the next person to walk through the door is the person who killed Tully. It's Arn Anderson! He says that he did it because they should have named it Arn, everyone knows he was the hoss of that team. Arn steals some doughnuts and that is it for this week. The Ascension continue to be hilarious.

Charlotte Flair vs Lana - This is essentially a squash. Charlotte toys with Lana until Lana slaps her. Charlotte then destroys her. 

Shane McMahon is out to tell Owens and Styles how it will go down at Summerslam. Both men seem to agree that they would rather not have Shane as the referee but that the level of reffing in their matches has been shit. Owens brings up Shane's record of being a terrible referee. Shane says that he won't get involved unless they do something to force him to. Owens sucker punches Styles and Styles inadvertently hits Shane with a Pele kick. Owens leaves looking very pleased with himself. Pretty good segment.

Lana is backstage, being annoyed at getting destroyed by Charlotte. Tamina turns up and wants Lana to get her a title shot. Not sure where this is going, don't really care.

Naomi vs Carmella - This was a non-title match. This wasn't a good match and was here for the sole reason of reintroducing James Ellsworth, who got involved at the end, costing Naomi the match. 

Carmella & Ellsworth run in to Natalya in the back. Natalya tells them top stay out of her match at Summerslam. Some Tommy Wiseau level acting on display here.

We go to a Renee Young interview with Nakamura. He says that Cena is the measuring stick and it was great to share the ring with him. He says that he will beat Jinder at Summerslam. It did the job that it needed to. 

Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton - Non-title match. I don't really get why this match is happening. The feud between these two is over and we have moved on. Vince can't have Randy not getting at least one win back though. The match itself was OK, not bad but completely forgettable. I don't get what the upside of having Mahal lose just before Summerslam is. 

Following the match Rusev attacks Orton on the ramp.

Overall Thoughts

This was a strange show as all of the matches were completely skippable but most of the bits in between the matches was actually pretty good.


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