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WWE Smackdown Recap (26th September 2017)

Kevin Owens starts off the show. He says he has been called a coward for what he did but he is here now. He says that he respects and likes Vince McMahon so imagine what he'll do to someone he doesn't like or respect. Sami Zayn turns up to tell Owens that he has snapped and he needs to sort himself out before it affects his life. Owens says that Sami isn't here to talk sense into him, he is just jealous of everything he has accomplished. Sami calls Owens a big piece of trash. Daniel Bryan comes out and says that Shane isn't here but there will be a match between Owens and Zayn tonight. Good opening segment. Owens is just a fantastic heel.

Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger - This was an average match. It continued the story surrounding the US Title but it wasn't very good from an in ring standpoint. Corbin won by countout. Corbin claims that Styles & Dillinger are in cahoots and says that Styles can't beat him one on one. He challenges Styles to a match at Hell I…

WWE Raw Recap (25th September 2017)

As we found out at at No Mercy Miz TV opens the show. Miz runs down Jason Jordan before he introduces Roman Reigns. Miz bigs up Reigns retiring Undertaker and beating Cena. Reigns says that he is proud of beating Cena and has been out partying, so he wants to know why he is talking to an idiot like the Miz. Miz says that he is the guy because he is the IC champion. Reigns wants the Miztourage to get him a beer. Miz says that Reigns rode the coattails of the Shield and that Miztourage is better than the Shield. Reigns is amused by that statement. Miz calls Reigns a choker, Reigns wants to fight. Miz says that he is wearing a suit so he's not dressed to fight. Angle shows up and books a tag match. This was a solid way to open the show. Cocky Reigns is the best Reigns.

Matt Hardy & Jason Jordan vs Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel - Jeff Hardy is out because of his shoulder injury. A solid opening match but nothing out of the ordinary. The faces win when Matt pins Dallas following a Twi…

WWE No Mercy Review

This is a Raw exclusive show and if you believe what the commentary team are forcing on everyone it has WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT QUALITY MATCHES!!!!!! Maybe it will, let's see.

Kickoff: Apollo Crews vs EliasElias sings us a ditty about L.A before being interrupted by Titus Worldwide. This was interchangeable with basically any other kickoff match, except for New Day vs Usos. It wasn't terrible but I just watched it and I already remember barely anything from it. Elias won with the Drift Away. **
Intercontinental Title - The Miz vs Jason JordanThe crowd is solidly pro-Miz here, as they should be, he makes good points and is anti-nepotism. Jordan is on top for a large portion of the early going. The crowd hate him. They brawl for a bit on the outside, with Jordan again getting the upper hand. Back in the ring, Jordan counters a Skull Crushing Finale into a roll up for a 2 count. 
Jordan hits rolling Northern Lights suplexes, which looked great. Jordan takes out the Miztourage, even …

WWE Smackdown Recap (19th September 2017)

We start with a recap of Owens kicking the shit out of Vince from last week. Vince apparently suffered 3 broken ribs.

Shane is out. He calls Owens a coward. He says that last week his kids were forced to watch their grandfather get his ass beat. Shane says that when you attack when one member of the McMahons is attacked, the rest strike back with great vengeance. He condemns Kevin Owens. It was an alright promo. I'm not sure if they planned it but it sounded a bit religiousy.

Randy Orton vs Aiden English - This was an average match, nothing you will remember after 15 minutes. Orton wins with an RKO.

Rusev turns up and says that he wants revenge on Orton for beating him in 10 seconds.

Randy Orton vs Rusev - Distraction by English, superkick, boom. 10 second revenge. So this is a feud of 10 second matches.

The Usos invoke their rematch clause and will face New Day at Hell In A Cell.

Rusev is over the moon with his win. Rusev number 1!

Jinder Mahal is here and, boy oh boy, he is racist as f…

WWE Raw Recap (18th September 2017)

Kurt Angle is out to talk about No Mercy. Miz and associates make their way down. Miz is annoyed that he isn't on the PPV but Angle says there will be a number one contenders match between Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Elias and Jason Jordan. Miz calls Angle out for his nepotism and says he will be a better champion and father than him. Jordan isn't happy that Miz is bad mouthing his daddy and threatens to knock Miz's teeth out. Jordan wants Bo and Axel added to the match. Angle agrees, because apparently he is a stooge that will do anything his son asks. Jordan clears the ring. Miz was great here, again. Overall it was a decent enough way to start the show.

Jordan whinges to Angle, saying he didn't ask for this. He literally just asked for a favour and he got it. I can't be arsed with their nonsense. 

Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax - Jax won in a match I would describe as having happened. After the match Jax takes out Bliss and Sasha Banks but Bayley returns to make the save. All…

PROGRESS Chapter 55: Chase The Sun Review

PROGRESS has probably been the most consistently excellent promotion on the planet this year. Every show seems to have at least one standout match and they have been growing at a rapid pace. It's genuinely heartwarming to see a success story like this in wrestling. This is their biggest show ever and the card is absolutely stacked. We are sold out in front of 2000 members of the PROGRESS Ultras, let's do this.

PROGRESS Tag Team Titles, Ladder Match - British Strong Style vs C.C.KThis is what you call kicking off strong. With how well the main event has been built it is easy to forget how good the build for other matches has been. They go to the floor immediately and brawl until a ladder is brought into the ring. Trent Seven then proceeds to dragon suplex Lykos into a ladder that is set up on it's side. Fuck. We get dives to the outside and Lykos sets up a ladder against against the ropes and uses it for an assisted tornillo. 
Back in the ring Tyler Bate hits a tandem big sw…

WWE Smackdown Recap (12th September 2017)

They are naming tonight's episode Sin City Smackdown. 

We kick off the show with Kevin Owens talking about how he going to sue WWE until Smackdown is no more. There will be a new show called Kevin Owens Presents The Kevin Owens Show Starring Kevin Owens. He says that when that show is up and running the first thing he will do is fire Sami Zayn. Then he will make Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton wear the same suit, not identical suits, two men in the same suit. He will also cancel the Fashion Files. He calls out Vince McMahon but Shane's music hits but it's just Dolph Ziggler pretending to be Shane. Ziggler then just leaves, as you do. Daniel Bryan then turns up to tell Owens that he still runs the show. He tells him that the fun and games will end soon enough. Owens says that when he is in charge, Bryan will be the janitor. Bryan says that Owens won't like what Vinnie Mac has to say. Owens doesn't give a shit. This was a good opening segment, Owens rant was funny.

They …

WWE Mae Young Classic Final Review

This has been a good tournament on the whole and I am somewhat surprised that they didn't do a special episode for the finals, like they did with the Cruiserweight Classic. As it is, it is taking place after Smackdown so let's hope the crowd is good. They show both sets of 4 Horsewomen, except for the suspiciously absent Sasha Banks again, as well as other wrestlers from the women's division and the Mae Young Classic.

Mae Young Classic Final - Shayna Baszler vs Kairi SaneThis was a good final match to the tournament. They worked the classic speed vs strength match with Baszler taking control early. She works over Sane's elbow dropping arm, grounding her and applying holds. Sane works her way out with a series of rollups. Baszler hits the rolling gut wrench suplexes and went back to the arm. She then hits some kicks and a big knee but Sane fights back with a spear and a double stomp. She goes for the diving elbow but gets caught in the rear naked choke. She fights out of…

WWE Raw Recap (11th September 2017)

Roman Reigns vs Jason Jordan - This was set up after last week, when Reigns took the piss out of Cena for taking so long to beat Jordan last week. Well it took Reigns longer. Much like last week this was a pretty good match.

Cena comes out and he's got some things to say. He says that Reigns was out last week, making fun of him for taking so long to beat Jordan but now the shoe is on the other foot. Reigns says that he was having a great match, something that Cena knows nothing about. He says that he has had more great matches in 2 years than Cena has had in his career. That might be the most factually inaccurate line anyone has ever used on WWE TV. Cena says that he normally has to stay sharp when he out here but Reigns makes it so damn easy for him. He tells Reigns that he has his head so far up his ass he's like a one man human centipede. Cena tells him that he is about to learn what real failure is all about. He says that he has been been taking Reigns to school week after …